11 Time Management Secrets That Actually Work 📈


These are some of the best time management secrets of some very successful people. These are not my words. I don’t remember the original article but yea I took notes and saved them on Evernote. Today I want to share these few secrets with you. I like to keep things clear and concise. I hope you like these summarised points.

  1. Eliminate meeting time that isn’t useful.Try stand-up or walking meetings with a time limit and purpose.
  2. Start the day with your #1 most important task. 
  3. Do one thing at once. Stop multitasking. 
  4. Have a themed day of the week where you don’t have meetings. It allows for no interruptions and focus on individual work.
    Jack Dorsey: 
    Mondays are for management.
    Tuesdays are for product.
    Wednesday’s are marketing and growth.
    Thursdays are for developers and partnerships.
    Friday’s are on culture and recruiting.
    Saturday’s he takes off.
    Sunday’s are for reflection, strategy, feedback, and getting ready for Monday.
  5. Discipline matters more than intelligence. Andrew Mason: “I often meet people who seem smarter than me yet are less capable because they don’t have the self-discipline and/or self-confidence to introspect on their ability to do what they think they’re going to do and find ways to iteratively improve. Amazingly, it’s as simple as that. It’s kind of a sore spot for me because I can’t understand why people don’t take it more seriously.”
  6. Recharge and refresh mid-day to keep up your mental agility.
  7. Devote at least 50% of your time to building great products. Avoid ego-gratifying activities.
  8. Write it down on paper. Everything. This includes ideas, information about a new person you met, or interesting facts. Typing is a good option but writing down on a paper is the best because it burns it into your brain and subconscious more than typing it out does.
  9. Be willing to say not to requests. CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner schedules “do nothing” time on his calendar. He schedules 90 minutes to 2 hours in total a day a day, broken into 30 to 90-minute blocks.
  10. Nail exercise, health, and diet. This one is a common themes from millionaires, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tony Robbins. It’s basic but no one does it. Are you exercising rigorously on a daily basis?
  11. Make sure meetings and activities are as efficient as possible.

Done is always better than perfect!

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